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November 22, 2017by Celeste Miller0

Temptation, that parcel that is placed before us on a daily basis. Sometimes we recognize it and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we choose to see it and sometimes we don’t. We begin to seek explanations and reasons to justify it, but at the end of the day, a temptation is exactly what it says, a temptation, a trap.


The definition of temptation is to seek something or to do something that may or may not be wise at all. This is something that will tempt you. I think it is very difficult to resist or deal with temptation if you do not have boundaries or some form of value system in place. For me, it is a reality and I have burnt my fingers over and over. Nothing good has ever come out of one of my temptations, I always have to pay a price when I give into it. When I look back, I realize the temptations were never worth giving in to. But at that moment, it seemed so worth it. Usually, it was almost always a moment of weakness, even sometimes desperation. I had a need/desire and it had to be satisfied.


How is it that something or someone can have such an effect on someone that one is willing to give up everything one stands for, even if it is just a little bit and no one will even know. All for just one moment. One need or one weakness. What good can it actually bring and what kind of person does it make me? How do I feel about it in time and why is it a form of reproach most of the time? If there is a form or feeling of reproach within then I always know it was really a temptation. But then it is too late and sometimes an expensive price has already been paid.


You as a person can resist a request and even be one, sometimes knowing and sometimes ignorant. Am I being tempted? Or am I the requester with intent and motive? When you make yourself a petition for someone else, I want to ask you what is really going on in your heart when you would investigate? What are you trying to provoke and why? What will you achieve and what will be the result of your behavior? Do you think beyond your own feelings and needs at that stage? Or are you one of those people who just does what they want, takes where they want or treads on who they want. Do you actually have respect for that person or not? Do you really have integrity then? These are choices that must be made every day as temptation crosses our path.


My advice to you is to identify where you are weak, and please be honest with yourself. Know where you are weak so when you are tempted you can run away or avoid it. Be sensitive to it. It cannot be entertained in any way. If you can, stay away from your temptation as far as possible. I am now talking specifically in the context of relationships and bad habits that can affect relationships.


I have confused many of my temptations with curiosity, to my disappointment. I had to learn to stop and be quiet and honest with myself for a moment about what I was about to do or entertain-mentally. Sometimes I went with the flow,  I didn’t really stand for something and it made people walk over or abuse me. I always felt so bad about myself afterward. My conscience haunted me because I knew I could be in control of what was happening to me. I should have known better. That kind of regret is always the worst thing for me.


1 Peter 5: 8 “Be sober, be awake! Your enemy, the devil, is walking around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. ” It sounds very harsh but you have to understand that He will not throw anything that is good to you. Nothing! You will be tempted especially in the areas where he knows you are weak or will give in. Choose to be stronger. Do not let Satan sow doubt and fear in your heart. In my experience, I learned that the best way to deal with temptation is when the first sparrow tweets in the morning and I open my eyes. I spend my time at the Lord’s feet even if it is sometimes just 5 minutes or 30. We live in a broken world, we must start every day right so that His grace, insight, and wisdom can carry us through everything we need to face and deal with. Only you are responsible for your actions, no one else.


No one can ever say they have ever been through any kind of temptation. Temptations come in all shapes and sizes and each person’s temptation will differ. All of us are not weak in the same areas, and even though we are strong in certain areas, this does not mean we will not be tempted. But how do we reach out to a generation that listens with their eyes and thinks with their feelings?


Many times, it’s just the idea of ​​someone you love, or you meet someone who has that 20% that your partner doesn’t have. You have to be able to distinguish whether it is the idea of ​​the person tempting you or is the person themselves? I believe you fall in love with a person’s soul because our physical bodies will fall away one day when we die. So the appearance of a person should not tempt you. If it does you can write it off on lust. Do you want to entertain lust or true love? One is much more difficult than the other. It’s something to work on because beautiful will be beautiful, and sexy will be sexy but here’s the trick, temptations are part of life, accept it. Learn how to manage and cope with it so that you no longer need to deal with it. It is what you do with your temptations that matters.


Celeste Miller

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